Endurance Sports Athlete, Blogger, Coffee drinker...

I am Guilhem LACAZE, a SPORTS devotee and a LIFESTYLE lover. I grew up in a sunbaked corner of France, surrounded by the great outdoors and a sporty atmosphere. Both of which fueled a strong love for Endurance Sports, among them: Swimming, Cycling, Running.

Endurance sports

There’s no hiding I’m a cyclist because I’ve got permanent tan lines and skinny arms, but I’m very tall with TT-proportioned quads and often struggle to find trousers which fit correctly to my athletic build – basically I am usually flashing some ankle and a peek of my favourite socks.

Active lifestyle

Unstoppable! Whatever I am working on, I always go flat-out because there is nothing more frustrating than going to bed at night with that horrible feeling of having wasted the day by doing almost nothing. I am trainaholic, I love to brew coffees, explore the best cycling routes, and plan new photoshoots. Fasten your seatbelt, I am hyperactive!


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drafting and drawing stuff on paper. I couldn’t stay at home pushing toy cars around like most normal kids; when I wasn’t teaching myself to do wheelies in the backyard, I was sketching the parts of my imaginary new bike in a notebook. Today, I love digital and creative tools ; I am curious, and always get a kick out of learning something new : webdesign, photography, blogging…

So, what's this all about?

You may ask. Well, my journey and beliefs inspire me to do my very best to share my experiences and showcase the sporting values I truly believe in. This is a glimpse into life the way I see it, from professional experiences to personal achievements and I am delighted to have you on board.

Sincerely, Guilhem LACAZE
Creative Athlete, Blogger, Coffee drinker…