Crush your Instagram game

Who has never wondered how to swim, bike, run faster at the touch of a button ? Beasting that Strava segment or crushing the hour record ? Well, if you don’t want to face some WADA decisions, better stick on the right side of the line and look for cleaner alternatives… Caffeine ? Four today already… New wheels? Bank account won’t be happy…

Photoshop a few go-faster stripes into the pic to simulate speed? Definitely an option! It’ll give you instant speed, will crush your Instagram game in seconds, and might even give you that extra kick of motivation you needed to jump on your bike and work on your real-life top speed.

You may have guessed today isn’t a train smart blog. It’s all about giving your photos a little Adobe Photoshop tweak to pretend you’re going super fast. And all in less time than it takes to make an espresso with your fav’ Italian coffee machine. Yep, you got it!

If you edit pictures, I strongly recommend powerful editing tools : I personally prefer the Adobe suite, I’m sure you use it already but if you don’t, there are other options out there. So, ready to get started?

Going really really fast!

Sorry but not sorry, I wasn’t riding at 224km/h, I didn’t have a car and a skilled photographer hanging out the back with a massive lens set at a long exposure: I used a tripod, a remote control and a magic tool on Photoshop ! True story.

So let’s jump into Photoshop. The first thing you want to do after opening your photo in Photoshop is to duplicate your background layer by dragging your picture onto the new layer tab at the bottom right corner.

Note: this not a crucial point but it makes sure you make any adjustments on a new layer and not on the original shot, because who knows, you might receive a call from your mum, be slightly distracted and mess up the original… which would be a shame.

Done? Right, now move up to the filter tab, select blur, then radial blur ! Yep that is the one, you can click, go ahead, be confident ! Yasss that is the one.

In the control panel which pops up, make sure the blur method is set on ‘Zoom’ and the quality on ‘Best’. Adjust the amount – to maximise the speed effect I push it to somewhere in the 60-75 range – then centre the blur on your subject by clicking and dragging the centre point to wherever you want !

Boom, the magic happens!

Make your subject stand out

Right, so you’ve mastered the first step, and I can see that smile already! Now, we need to make the subject – YOU, riding a bike – stand out of the blurriness to make sure the result doesn’t look weird.

To do so, you will need to add a layer mask. First make sure your foreground is set to black (or white if your layer mask is set to black). Grab your brush tool, set it to soft brush and whack up the size so fits your subject. Then give your bike guy a click and boom, there you go! Done!

If you want a little more precision and have time, you can of course play with your brush size and opacity settings to work on your subject in more detail. That will allow you to sharpen important details and keep moving parts a little blurry.

So there you have it. Crop that shot for Instagram, save it, upload it to the platform, add a fun caption and your fav’ hashtags and hit ‘Publish’. Sit back, your coffee is ready.