N+1 bikes

Just back from the Roc d’Azur ’18! Last time I was there must have been… 2008?? Ten years but it’s still the same Squelching through the mud between the stands and tents, bumping into familiar faces, surrounded by hundreds of sleek, beautiful, sexy new bikes (or at least sexy new ways of selling beautiful old bikes) … I want them all, but how many more can I fit in the garage…?

Yeah we all know the N+1 story! And how many of us haven’t read the Velominati rules (#12 to be precise)? How many is too many? Or should that be, how many is too few?

New bike is calling

I know very few cyclists who can resist the sweet voice of a new bike calling… the glimpse of a new frame and ohhh… did you see those lines? That integrated stem. The way that paint catches the light.

I’m sure I need a new one… I really don’t have a pure Enduro machine because I sold mine a couple of years ago. Yep, I need a new one… now!

Almost N+1 in the garage

It’ll go great with the rest of the collection in the garage. My bank account isn’t over-impressed but who cares? I work hard, I get to play hard J

I’ve pretty much lost count of how many bikes I have:

  • A roadbike for training
  • A roadbike for racing
  • A gravel bike (latest acquisition)
  • A MTB hardtail
  • A time trial machine
  • A track bike
  • A city bike to go to my fav’ coffee place in Bern
  • Another spare training roadie
  • A dirt jumper
  • A couple of frames I really need to repaint and rebuild…
  • Where’s that enduro one we were talking about…?

I ride them all… OK, maybe not the spare frames and maybe not every day… but if I’m not riding them, I’m admiring them, and that’s enough isn’t it?

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