Riding on my own

No… whatever it may look like, whatever the Instagram photos say… I’m not a lone ranger. I’ve pretty much had this etiquette stuck on my back forever… The reputation of riding on my own, carrying my camera – and of course tripod, remote control, extra batteries and all the shit that goes with taking photos … – all the way up the hills… all the way down to the closest coffee shop, and finally back home to post treat the images in the darkness of my living room, and finally sending out another fresh, new and exciting social media post. Damn etiquette.

There, see, I enjoy a chat, I even talk a lot, too much? Naaah I don’t think (hope) so…

To some extent labels are there for a reason, I guess I do ride on my own a lot of the time – hopefully not because I’m a boring kind of dude – simply because my sessions are kind of tedious… hill repeats, intervals, and progressive climbs… exciting stuff isn’t it?

Until I go for a coffee ride, once, twice or even more a week if my time schedule is flexible. There, see, I enjoy a chat, I even talk a lot, too much ? Naaah I don’t think (hope) so… I simply love being with people, my friends, random cyclists I share a couple of kilometres with (not the first-class wheelsucker variety, I mean the guy who actually says hello) and various talented dudes I meet along the way, during my trips and travels…

The road is made to be shared ! So go out and fuckin’ share it.

Photo credits : Tour de Friends // Teeneegee