Oakley Cycling Tour – Stage 1

Das Brillenglas ist…” Dammit. Why didn’t I get German lessons at school? I look around for help but I’m the only Frenchie in the room. But hey, the advantage of not understanding the presentation is that I have all the time in the world to admire the rows of Oakley sunglasses displayed around the room.

I’m in Munich with a bunch of other athletes and ambassadors, attending one of the Oakley Cycling Tour events. German may not be my forte but I can talk social media all day, and that’s an international language!

Coffee, Instagram stories, fancy dinners, lots of conversation and a spin on the bike modelling the new shades and helmets… es war ein cooles Wochenende!

Can’t wait for the next event! Bis bald in Paris guys!

The review

Following my favourite moto : if you don’t have the legs, at least make sure you have the look! You may have noticed there are no saggy back-pockets or multi-logoed jerseys on my cycling photos. You know that moment when you go round a bend and your pump and powerbars wrap themselves round your belly-button? A sharp shove of the elbow and the gilet and banana on the other side hit you in the ear? NO GO.


Oh yeah, unpacking a pair of these babies is better than Christmas! A stunning polished black frame, an awesome fire Prizm© lens… Chuck that info leaflet, let’s ride!They stay perfectly in place, no slipping or sliding when launching a sprint, head down, looking between my legs to check the imaginary sprinter on my wheel. The fancy feature to avoid fog on the nose pad is handy but my giant fingers leave fingerprints on the shield…

Too bad, I don’t have time to stop to clean them. Forget it and just ride faster to avoid the lens fogging up; yep, it works too !


Probably the most Google-researched helmet on the planet at this time! Time to get my hands on it.Side view : I look good. Front view : OMG, what the hell just happened? Who put a bucket on my head! That’s kinda big… No wait, it’s massive! Maybe some design adjustment for the next model.

What about the back ? Thank goodness, they got that part right. Some seriously sick sh*t going on here ! My style won’t be compromised until someone overtakes me.

Matchy Matchy or nothing at all: pedal hard, look good ! The red and black goes with my shades, all good there. The fit isn’t bad, it stays where it should. The shammy in particular is good compared to some of the ball-scraping alternatives out there.

The M jersey is slightly big for me but the cut is good. And even though I’ve tested more technical materials over the last few years, all in all it looks awesome, it’s got an O stamped on it, and it does a good job.