One Obsession - by Oakley

Disclosure : I am not angry, I don’t judge anyone, I just have one obsession and I deal it with love and care. I wish you to enjoy your journey. Your obsession might be different than mine – who cares – I want you to be as enthusiast and as pleased as I am when I ride my bike.

I am gonna spend a few hours on the bike, I’ll probably go for a run afterwards – I answered. I was on a bike, for a few long hours, went for a run, and finally chilled at the pool – I answered. Don’t look at me like I am from another era, don’t judge me.

It’s OK – I wasn’t at the pub, wasted after celebrating the most recent victory of a football team I don’t know, in which I don’t recognize myself. It’s OK – I wasn’t driving my fancy car, windows down and music seriously too loud, down the street looking for eye contacts here and there. It’s OK – I didn’t go for an extra layer of ketchup mayo on top of my barbecued sausage while sprawlin’ on a beach chair, a drink in my right hand!

Yeah, no need for an alarm when you repeat it every single day!

5 o'clock in the morning

I woke as usual at 5am something! Yeah, no need for an alarm when you repeat it every single day! Opted for a power-filled, delicious breakfast to be on my bike as soon as possible while the roads are still free of wannabe dreamers who live for Friday night party-life. I chose one of my thirty-something cycling kits, cleaned my sunglasses and shoved an extra protein bar into my back pocket.

I hit the early morning fresh air, training, cruising and catching up with another training buddy, another passionate guy. Ready to tackle new roads, hilly or flat ones. I came back home late, grocery stores were already closed, took sushi’s to go instead! Again, and again: day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year…

That’s my life – It’s OK – I love it and I don’t want to change it, don’t look at me like that. This is where I find my inspiration, this is my drawing board, my life is here: on the road, sweating, feeling my legs burning, smiling just because life is awesome!

It’s not luck, it’s choice

I guess I just don’t know it any other way. It’s not luck, it’s choice. And my bike is a huge part of that choice. For as long as I can remember, it has been here with me, keeping me and my running shoes company! I train, I crash, I train, I race, I rage, I eat, I train again…

I don’t give a f*** about your performance enhancing drugs Chris-too-strong, I don’t need any shot of extra. I don’t need to prove to anyone that I am strong, better or whatever… I train, I ride, I cruise to beat myself. That’s my obsession – a never-ending learning process.

These are my challenges, these are my life projects! And I find my happiness in the process. The rest is irrelevant, I am happy! My mind is clear and fresh… Ready to tackle another day on the bike, in my running shoes or in a swimsuit (which usually removes my hard-earned cyclist tan lines).

This my obsession, how do you #liveyours ?