And suddenly, just like that, I needed performance socks.

Well, not really. I’ve clocked around 12’000km in 2019 so far, and while it’s been awesome my feet didn’t really love it as much as me after a few hours in the saddle, racing to the next lamppost and chainganging along the flats. Blisters, burning soles, material wearing thin… I decided it was time for an upgrade!

Why Pongo London?

And so in my constant quest to be fashionable without sacrificing style or performance (or my daily coffee stops), I recently teamed up with sockdoping experts Pongo London. They not only understand the extreme importance of sock design when it comes to looking good and cycling fast, but also use quality technical fabrics for real sportsmen (which every now and then I am).

Exit fancy, stylish happy lifestyle socks. Enter fancy, stylish performance socks.

The verdict

Key points (not necessarily in order of importance).

Length. Bang on

Obviously this is a big one for me (an apparently for the UCI as well…); a centimetre out and the calf muscle just won’t pop out the same.

Pongo London know all about not looking like a triathlete – they even drew up their own diagram – so we’re in safe hands. No complaints in this area!

Note: the aero socks are higher for extra aerodynamics. Don’t forget to shave anything uncovered.

Fit. They don’t

There is nothing worse than a pair of socks that ends up in folds around your ankles after three pedal strokes. These stay put!

Special mention for the aero socks, where a special silicone band around the upper hem meant the socks didn’t move even a fraction of an inch when I was chasing that elusive Strava KOM on the Plasma TT rocket (I got it).

More behind the Pongo London socks


I wanted technical socks and that’s what I got. They’re not particularly thick (I haven’t tested them in winter conditions yet) but they are soft and stretchy. There’s a thinner mesh around the instep and metatarsals to keep things cool, and a tighter band around the foot arch to make sure the sock doesn’t move. The toe box is also quite wide, which suits my big feet perfectly. All in all comfortable, and efficient.

To really put them to the test I even went running in them, and came back with all my nails and no blisters. Win!


They’re pure class, from the fluoro yellow to the fancy aero camo (apparently used on battleships to confuse the opposition…). And sometimes you don’t need crazy patterns and highlights; some simple coloured bands take care of style, so your legs can do the talking.