Squeeze da' lemon

I’m no doctor, I’m no scientist; I don’t hang out on medical journal websites or read Health & Fitness Digest; I’m also no preacher BUT I’m an endurance sports athlete.

And as such I am very conscious about training in the proper way (well, my way at least…), putting good food in my mouth, and optimizing my daily tasks and habits. Not every single minute of the day – I don’t do boredom – but enough to give my body a structure it can recognize and work with.

Therefore my morning routine tends to be similar from one day to the next, and it always starts with a glass of freshly-pressed lemon juice.

No, we’re not talking 7UP®

Drinking lemon juice can be very beneficial to the body. Making it a daily routine can contribute to keeping you fit and healthy. And the healthier you are, the more you can ride your bike. Or go to the gym, or the pool, or hang out with your mates.

Served mid-warm to avoid destroying the vitamins and the benefits of the lemon. Lemons are high in vitamin C, which strengthens the immune system. Drinking lemons in liquid form (lemon juice) allows for quick and usable absorption when your body needs it. Drinking it daily allows your body to get more of the vitamin whenever you have a deficiency – which you might be unaware of even having.

The taste – it’s sour and bitter and personally I love it! – is a great wake-up for your brain as well as your stomach; mine is always ready to eat enough to feed a small army (just my usual daily intake…).

But first of all lemon

Even if tastes acid, it in fact has an alkalizing effect on the body. It is possibly the best ingredient to reduce the acidity levels in your system and help maintain a good pH balance. This can help remove some of the lactic acid build up from exercise. Doing so will speed up recovery and get your muscles back on track sooner. Add the vitamin C content to the mix and your joints will have more of what they need to get stronger, also contributing to preventing injury.

Doing a lot of sports, few hours a day creates a lot of lactate acidity and the greatest ingredients remains lemon and potatoes. However, I am particularly into potato juice for breakfast, so I’ll stick to the lemon.

But as with sport and alcohol and sex and anything else you can think of, it is always a question of balance rather than excess… So don’t drink too much, even if it’s only lemon juice.

Lemon has a tendency to thin your blood, which is a good thing. With too much thinning, though, your blood won’t be able to clot. One glass of lemon water (2-4 table spoons lemon juice mixed with water) daily is enough to get all the benefits of lemon juice, without thinning the blood too much.

So bag yourself a few lemons and get pressing!