Top 5 of living in the French Flatlands

They call it Les Landes. An often-forgotten, sandy little corner of France, located somewhere South of Bordeaux and North of the Basque country. Life is too short to live in one place.

Following my desire to constantly meet new people, live new experiences and discover new places – or simply to return to places where I feel good – I set up a temporary workspace in Seignosse, France.

Have you seen the size of my thighs?!

5 best reasons to leave home for Les Landes

1 – Flat, flat, super flat
Have you seen the size of my thighs?! I am a rouleur and there a very few places in France where you can TT for miles along endless flats. Most of them are up in the Northern part of the country – nope I am not looking for that – and then you have the Landes! Oakleys down, 53×11 engaged, let’s ride!

2 – Surfer’s paradise
It’s not just about the bike. The roads may be flat but the ocean is the aquatic version of the Alps: there are some seriously BIG waves along the coast. Let’s just say I’m not the most successful surfer – Kelly you’re safe for a couple more years – but this is a world-famous surf spot with all the bells and whistles: endless beaches, moody ocean, crazy sunsets, cool coffee shops, a massive outlet mall courtesy of Quiksilver & Co…

3 – Take it easy man, life’s a beach…
Judge the modern hippie all you want, you can’t really fault the relaxed, creative, sporty lifestyle. Can you feel that friendliness and warmth in the salty air? Ocean, sand and pines trees… Far from the crazy 9-5 rat race, the Landes ooze peace, tranquillity and a hint of original wilderness. Spend a couple of weeks soaking it up and even if you don’t set a foot in the waves, you suddenly realise that crick in your neck has disappeared.

4 – Weather
18th March, 2pm, 15 degrees Celsius. So it’s not quite Tenerife, but it’s still OK to ride a bike without ear muffs and Gore-Tex gloves. The ocean climate may bring a little (alright, quite a lot of) rain but the sun is quick to return and dry the roads.

5 – Les Chalets Bakea
A paradise within the paradise… Les Chalets Bakea is a sporting haven open all year long, offering a 28°/25m pool, gym space, luxury wooden chalets with a super-fast wifi connexion and cool people – ideal for a digital nomad and social media aficionado!