Your Time is Precious - #2

You may have read – and hopefully enjoyed – the first episode of ‘’your time is precious – train smart’’. As previously mentioned, I am not a cycling coach and will never be, but I love to train, I am a hard worker and always try to be as efficient as possible. I won’t replicate your training or follow any training plans of some idiot self-proclaimed guru of endurance sport, who probably never sat his backside down on a saddle in his life! Do it first, then tell me how… has always been my moto.

FULL DISCLOSURE: the following training session has been developed around MY sports and body capabilities. I check my physical condition on a very regular basis with professional medical staff. This training suits me and might not suit you.

I train short, I train efficient, and at the end of the day I go faster, and I go for longer.

I don’t want to set myself stupid challenges or play the #nopainnogain game on social media… I simply want to beat the guy I was yesterday, following a holistic approach I believe in: training, nutrition, sleep, recovery measures… I want to enjoy the journey as a whole, and I want to enjoy every single second of it.

I don’t apologize to myself if I go training two hours later or earlier than what I originally planned… In fact, there is no real plan, just training exercises that I love to do and that I know will make me better, stronger, faster…

So enough chatting, here is one of them!

As you know I am signed up for the Haute Route end of August, and it is never too late to become a better climber and enjoy the route to the South of France.

This is my 80-minute session to become a faster climber in a record time ! (Jeez that sounds like what you’d read on the cover of your average cycling mag. But the content is much more exciting and different, I promise!)

The cycling workout

Let’s start, here are the basics : skip the warm-up, because yeah, it sucks, and I am not a grandma… Work hard, always go to the maximum you can… Spin the legs on the way back home… but still push on the pedal, you’re not a lazy commuter. My legs can recover under the desk, or during my evening run.

The set:

_6’ warm-up

_6×1’ full gas on an incline (no need for 10%) in and out of the saddle, don’t look good just lay it out on the road._2’ recovery

_6×2’ full gas, same same but slightly longer with 1’ recovery for any necessary vomiting._4’ recovery

_6×3’ tempo, sitting on the saddle, ideally on a slightly uphill road, maintain a healthy rpm : 90-110rpm, you’re not a triathlete racing an ironman. Keep 1’ recovery in between._4’ recovery

_10’ good pace – read not cruising or cooling down

_Go back home, grab a protein shake, reload minerals and take a shower, you deserve it.

You won’t enjoy the first minute all in, nor the second one… In fact I’m not at all sure you’ll like this session full stop because it’s an absolute beast / bitch / killer / f**cker.

But what I am sure of is that you’ll definitely be a stronger and a faster climber after it… Remember Your Time is Precious – Train Smart and see you for the next episode soon!

That’s it for the second ”Your Time is Precious” series of training plans. If you liked it, just mention it with some love in the comment section below. If you’re on fire with it : tell me more and let me know what are your concerns for training, I am happy to share more of my experiences.

Photo credits : 1, 2, 3… actions.I am wearing a Breva Lario kit.