Endurance Sports, Colorful socks, Brews

Welcome to the blog! You’re already figured I’m a hyperactive, sport-loving, road-biking, coffee-drinking life-a-holic; and here it all is down on digital paper. It’s not Shakespeare, it’s not Victor Hugo… It’s simply a few excerpts of life as I see it, a glimpse into the millions of thoughts and ideas that go through my head on my long rides.

I’m passionate about sharing my experiences; from travel tales to great roads to ride, from my favourite bikes to sock reviews… without forgetting the occasional paragraph or two about life, lifestyle, caffeinated beverages (surprise!), supa’foods…, and of course, opinions. Because I have a lot of them.

Happy reading, and happy sharing!

Train Smart #1 – Swimming

I am not a swimming coach – nor a coach – and never will be, however I have spent years…

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