Hot destinations for sports lovers

You’ve decided you want to travel more this year, but you’re struggling to pick your next destination. And you don’t want to go the same place as everyone else yet again… I can help! I move around a lot and there is no end to the cool places to run, bike and swim. Check out my top list of training locations, tried and tested.

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Swim, bike, run. If any of these sound good to you, you’ve landed in the right place! Discover new roads to ride, training sessions to get fitter, coffee shop to hang out & more.


Stuck changing your bike chain or adjusting your gears? Check out my latest blogs to learn how to carry out your own basic (and advanced) mechanics.


Love photography as much as I do? I taught myself all I know and have first-hand knowledge of creating visuals, from Lightroom edits to Photoshop tips & tricks.

Endurance Sports, Colourful socks, Brews. Enjoy the latest blogs.

Why Spain is a dream destination for triathletes & endurance sports lovers

I’ve spent the last few months discovering offbeat, non-touristy places in Spain, looking for somewhere to drop my bags when it’s wintertime in Switzerland. Check back soon for insights into great training locations for runners, cyclists and triathletes instead of booking the usual trip to Lanzarote or resorting to the treadmill once again!

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A clean drivetrain is a fast drivetrain

We all want a faster bike and we’re always striving to find ways of shaving off tenths of a second. What if you could shave 2 full minutes off your time by cleaning and servicing certain key parts of your drivetrain? That would be huge!

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The latest Garmin Rally RS200, worth it?

Technology has advanced to the point where now that your smartphone tells you how deep the puddle is before you step in it, but what’s up with the latest Garmin RS200?

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Proudly supported

I am very proud to be surrounded by all of these brands that are supporting me in my project, I can hardly believe it. As many of you know, I grew up in the cycling industry before launching my online business and, most of my old partners become today's sponsors.