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Hi, this is Guilhem Lacaze. I share some training tips, how-to's and product reviews, sometimes coffee stories with you. So if you love cycling, triathlon, the great outdoors and/or photography: discover a selection of colourful articles through the eyes of a camera-wielding rider who masterizes the Allen keys. Join the squad!

Top 5 destinations for sports enthusiasts

You decided to travel more this year, but you're having trouble choosing your next destination. And you don't want to go to the same place as everyone else again... I can help you! I get around a lot and there is no limit to the nice places to run, cycle and swim. Take a look at my list of tested and approved training locations.

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Swimming, biking, running. If one of these activities suits you, you've come to the right place! Discover new routes to ride, training sessions to improve your fitness or cafes to hang out with friends.


You don't know where to start to change your chain, adjust your derailleur or change your brake pads? Check out my latest articles to learn how to do the basic mechanical essentials (and more).


Do you love photography and video as much as I do? I share with you over 10 years of experience in creating commercial visuals, from photo processing on Lightroom to tips and tricks in Photoshop and Première Pro.

Endurance sports, fancy socks, caffeine. Discover my latest blogs.

Why Spain is a dream destination for triathletes & sport lovers

I’ve spent the last few months discovering offbeat, non-touristy places in Spain, looking for a place to put my bags when winter arrives in Switzerland. Find out soon about the ideal training locations for runners, cyclists and triathletes, instead of booking the usual trip to Lanzarote or running to the treadmill once again!

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How to clean a bicycle chain?

We all want a faster bike so if you could save 2 minutes on your best time by cleaning and maintaining some of the key components of your transmission; that would be huge!

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Are the latest Garmin Rally RS200s worth it?

Technology has progressed to the point where your smartphone now tells you how deep the puddle is before you step into it, but what about the latest Garmin RS200 pedals?

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