Oakley Cycling Tour - Last stage

Have you read the article ”Oakley Cycling Tour – Munich”?

Despite my questionable (non-existent) German skills, I was invited back to join the team on the final stage of the 2018 Tour de France in Paris. That’s right: joining Oakley on the Champs-Élysées! A dream come true for me.

The whole weekend is in tune with the madness of the Tour. I’ll tell you all about it. If you’ve ever been to Paris, you know how crazy the traffic is. @Snobici, @XskyllX and I spend two hours weaving in and out of cars and lampposts at rush hour. Mircale that we don’t end up grated on the tarmac. It’s crazy and fun, and I’m just happy to be one of those ambassadors who knows how to ride a bike…

Sunglasses - OAKLEY FROGSKINS LITE, Matte clear !

A feast for the eyes! I’m in Paris – fashion capital of the world – wearing a pair of FROGSKINS LITE, you know the ones with the retro look? Just the new, even lighter version – for the lightweight that I am – thanks to a half-frame around the lens. Simple, in the range for years, just updated to suit the Parisian summer of 2018 to the max.

My opinion

A totally different set-up for Sunday’s race: the Champs-Elysées are barricaded and empty for our group outing (race). We wear yellow to look like pros… It’s hard to pedal gently when you’re on the cobbles of the TdF and I can’t help it. 35, 40km/h… I lit up my cycling buddies but got a serious jolt from the cobbles in return. 45, 50km/h… Hey, the cobbles are much more pleasant at this speed! It’s a shame I can’t last as long as the real thing!


I love the Jawbreaker – it’s still a must-have in every cyclist’s wardrobe! Pure performance and clean lines that leave no doubt you’re wearing Oakleys.

Brand O has done it right!


I may have a few problems with the overall shape, but I have to say that the fit is absolutely fantastic: no pressure points, extremely light feel. For its first year on the helmet market, the O brand has done things right!

The cycling kit

And they’ve added a few features you’ll only find on models designed by people who actually ride (it’s important to mention this because not all high-end brands have the same knowledge and experience): a cord to support the Boa system instead of the usual uncomfortable plastic option, and a dedicated channel (yes, Oakley started with sunglasses) to hold your favourite sunglasses in place while you climb the collars like a pro.

So the bike kit does the job and in this yellow edition: mmmmh I feel like a pro!

The cut of the shorts is athletic, the chamois doesn’t move and my bum stays comfortable for rides of more than two hours. The jersey could have been a little more fitted and benefited from a few more cuts and adjustments here and there, but hey, I’m picky: I’m not the same size as most people!

We put our bikes away and watch the pros in the comfort of the finish area tent, sipping champagne and planning our next trip. Cheers!