Rub, rub and rub again.

Who wouldn’t like to do a free upgrade on their bike? So if I tell you that you can go faster without spending a cent, will you take it?

We agree! So roll up your sleeves because this is cleaning we’re talking about today. Indeed, a clean transmission is not only beautiful to the eye, it will also save you some watts – and I confess I have a serious penchant for free watts!

All you need is a little elbow grease and the willingness to follow 7 simple steps, (you’ll really like the 4th one). So tighten your cleats and get ready to turn your road bike (or your TT rocket) into a real time machine.

I must admit that I have a serious penchant for free watts!

7 steps to make you better.

1. Dismantle the chain:
First of all, remove the chain from your bike. Trust me, it’s much easier to clean a chain when it’s not flanked by the small sprocket or crossed between your cassette and your small chainring.

2. Degrease it:
Dip that good ol’ chain in a degreaser or, better yet, use an ultrasonic cleaner for an impeccable finish. Once cleaned, dry it gently and lovingly.

3. Clean the cassette and chainrings:
While your chain is drying (or soaking, depending on your level of multi-tasking), pay some attention to your cassette and chainrings. Use a transmission degreaser (the green stuff from Muc-Off will change your life #notsponsored) and give it a good scrub.

4. Wax the chain :
Now comes the fun part! Dip the chain in hot wax – the famous Hot Wax as they say over there – preferably using your mum’s favourite pan 😉 for best results. Don’t tell her I told you to do it!

5. Dry and reinstall the chain:
Once the chain is completely covered with wax, carefully remove it without burning your fingers and let it dry again. Then put it back on your bike.

6. Use a new quick link:
Don’t forget to install a new quick link when you reassemble the chain. This is a small detail that can make a big difference in terms of safety.

7. Capture the moment:
Don’t forget to take a picture of this now flawless transmission and share it on Instagram to make your friends a little, a lot, jealous.

Et voilĂ .

…A clean transmission is the key to unlocking those previously elusive free watts (read: no more getting dropped on a motorway bridge), increasing efficiency and extending the life of your transmission. Try these 7 steps and you will see the performance of your bike soar (and the pleasure of riding without noise and incessant squeaking…).

Tell me what you think in the comment section below, share your feedback or ask your questions. Let’s make sure that everyone moves towards this quest for the cleanest possible transmission! See you soon and have a great ride!