Garmin's Spring Surprise: Introducing the Edge 840 Solar

Picture this. It’s a regular day, and suddenly a package from Garmin arrives unannounced. It feels like Christmas came early, right in the middle of spring! Garmin has just launched the Edge 840 Solar and the Edge 540 units, but guess what? They sent me the “big boy” version – the Edge 840 Solar. This package had me and every other cycling enthusiast on the edge of our saddles.

A mysterious Mona Lisa smile and James Bond's swagger

Unveiling Excitement: Initial Impressions of the Edge 840 Solar

Unboxing the device was like being a kid again, unwrapping a surprise gift. The packaging was classic Garmin – sleek, cool, minimal, and stylish with a tasteful blend of soft matte and shiny details. Once I ripped that box open, there it was – the new Garmin Edge 840 Solar.

The device was compact and felt firm, exuding a mysterious Mona Lisa smile and James Bond’s swagger. It came with a bunch of mounts, ready to fit any bike – though I’d still recommend using your bike’s manufacturer mount options for that sleeker design.

Embracing Solar Power: Uncovering the Key Features of the Edge 840

This baby packs more than just a pretty face. The Free-ride ClimbPro, one of its many software features, had me grinning from ear to ear. It delivers up-ahead climb information without being on a course or route, and THIS, is really – really – handy. I’m hopeful that with this feature, getting dropped or bonking in the middle of a climb will be a thing of the past.

Now let’s talk hardware – we’ve got USB-C and multi-band/dual-frequency GPS/GNSS that could make some smartphones green with envy – whatch out to the sudden rise of power consumption. Despite gaining a bit of weight compared to its predecessors, the device wears it well. And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the satisfying “clac” that rings out when plugging the device onto the bike. It’s those small pleasures in life, you know? What’s more, the clip is now replaceable – handy if you have an intense relationship with tarmac and it breaks during a fall.

Oh, and as the cherry on top – this isn’t just any cycling computer. As suggested by its name, the Edge 840 Solar, it’s equipped with a solar power feature. This little touch harnesses the power of the sun, providing those much-needed extra hours of battery life.

Particularly handy when you have a cardio belt, powermeter, and phone all connected simultaneously, sipping away at your battery life. The sun never seemed so useful, eh?

Test complet du Garmin Edge 840 Solar

Setting Up for Success: The User-Friendly Start-Up of the Edge 840

Setting up the device was a breeze, thanks to the Garmin Connect app. It was like a knowledgeable friend guiding me through the process: click here, select that, do this…and hop! You’re all set. It was a moment of pure, pain-free satisfaction. It was as if the device had known me for years.

Test complet du Garmin Edge 840 Solar

Taking the Edge 840 for a Spin: An Unparalleled Test Ride

My trusty gravel bike and I took this new companion to the Pyrenees, challenging it to ever-changing spring weather – from dry to sizzling heat to sudden wet conditions in no time. The Edge 840 Solar took it all in stride.

Imagine this: I’m bombing down gravel sections, the bike shaking underneath me, and the device doesn’t flinch. Next, I’m grinding up a short steep climb, gasping for breath, and the ClimbPro is right there with me. Then, out of nowhere, a muddy section appears, but the touchscreen? Still as responsive as an excited puppy, even in wet conditions. Bravo !

Test complet du Garmin Edge 840 Solar

Does the Edge 840 Solar Really Shine? Wrapping Up the Experience

So, after a thorough test-ride, what’s my verdict? The Garmin Edge 840 Solar is like the secret weapon I never knew I needed. Its features felt like they were tailor-made for my rides. But here’s my bone to pick with Garmin – no wheelie length measurement function! Every cyclist knows that wheelies are essential. Jokes aside, the Edge 840 Solar indeed brings a lot to the table. It’s a game-changer that sets a high bar for other cycling computers to match.

Now, I want to hear from you. What do you think of this new kid on the block? Have any questions? Drop them below, and let’s get the conversation rolling!