Do you Conti GP5000 or not?

When it comes to road bike talk, there are a few classic topics that are brought to the table time and time again. Do you disc brake or not ? 23 or 25 tyres ? etc… If you’ve been…

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Tour de Friends

Do you have anything planned between September 11th and 16th ? Not really… Does that mean you need me to come and ride a bike somewhere ?

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Haute Route Alps

What? 787kms, 20650m d+ according to the race book – 743.86kms and 18.737m d+ according to my Garmin ! WTF ? Did I miss something? Or did I really ride the entire Haute Route Alps…

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La Haute Route

Fact about me: I grew up in the south of France (far from the original Haute Route), in place which could be wet one day and sun-scorched the next. Yep it’s possible – it’s called…

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Oakley Cycling Tour – Final Stage

Despite my debatable (non-existent) German skills I was invited back to join the squad at the final stage of the Tour de France 2018 in Paris. That’s right: joining Oakley on the…

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La Tour Geneva Triathlon

Let’s be honest, I’m a triathlon trainaholic, I love pushing the limits of pain and I love coffee rides, but I have never been a race-every-weekend warrior.

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Oakley Cycling Tour – Stage 1

Das Brillenglas ist…” Dammit. Why didn’t I get German lessons at school? I look around for help but I’m the only Frenchie in the room. But hey, the advantage of not understanding…

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Nova Eroica

Italian white roads, Tuscany, red wine? Does that sound good to you? Just add a spicy touch of gravel bike, dust and you’ll meet one of the most exciting cocktails. The Nova…

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Riding Pongo London Socks

Well, not really. I’ve clocked around 12’000km in 2019 so far, and while it’s been awesome my feet didn’t really love it as much as me after a few hours in the saddle, racing to…

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Top 5 of living in the French Flatlands

They call it Les Landes. An often-forgotten, sandy little corner of France, located somewhere South of Bordeaux and North of the Basque country. Life is too short to live in one…

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